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Bendback Clousers
Big Fish Terminator - Clouser's Half and Half
Bonefish Assortment - Clouser Minnow - Weedless
Bonefish Assortment - Clouser Minnows
Calf Tails - Clouser Select
Clouser Crayfish with Furry Foam cover
Clouser Crayfish, small with feather Back
Clouser Darter
Clouser EZ Popper
Clouser EZ Popper
Clouser Floating Minnow
Clouser Floating Minnow Head Making Kit
Clouser Half and Half
Clouser Logo Hat
Clouser Minnow (The Original)
Clouser Minnow - Saltwater
Clouser Minnow - Small Version
Clouser Minnow for Bonefish
Clouser Swimming Nymph
Clouser's Bend Back Half and Half Series
Clouser's Crayfish Tying Kit
Clouser's Custom Floating Minnow
Clouser's Deep Minnow Assortment
Clouser's Deep Minnow Saltwater Assortment
Clouser's Deep Minnow Tying Kit
Clouser's EZ-Diver Bodies
Clouser's EZ-Popping Bug Bodies
Clouser's EZ-Popping Frog Bodies
Clouser's Flash Tail Poppers
Clouser's Flashtail Floozy
Clouser's Flies
Clouser's Floating Minnow Tying Kit
Clouser's Froggy
Clouser's Hula Girls (Long Skirt)
Clouser's Hula Girls (Short Skirt)
Clouser's Mad Tom
Clouser's Precision Frog

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